Sunday, November 3, 2013

Capstone Course-Final Project

We have arrived, capstone time.

The final course within the M.E.I.T program at Cardinal Stritch University, here we go!

My culminating project will establish a model for providing supplemental online recruitment and training for Children's Hospital e-Learning programs.  

This project will have two main components:

1.  Screencasts:  Step-by-step instructions describing best practices detailing how to best deliver a Children's Hospital e-Learning program using a blended learning approach

2.  Digital Video:  A video communicating outcomes and anecdotal stories of the bullying prevention e-Learning program, "Act Now!" featuring staff and students

Advantages for doing this project:
  • Apply, deepen and further my learning of web 2.0 tools
  • Increase completion rates of customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Increase student enrollment numbers
Anticipated challenges:

  • Time.  This is our busy time of year meeting with teachers, counselors and principals while also attending conferences and filling orders
  • Measuring outcomes.  Many factors impact completion and reach.  It may prove challenging to isolate the effect of my screencasts and videos.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CEDO 510 Computer Systems-Lessons Learned

Computer Systems-How They Work was an informative class that has changed the way I see computers and how to maintain them.

First and foremost, I no longer see a computer as a somewhat alien machine with mysterious parts and secret machinations.  Our project "Under the Hood" helped me understand the seven main computer components and their functions.

Here they are:

1.  CPU-Central Processing Unit-the computers brain

2.  Motherboard-the main circuit board, holds other components and provides connections of other peripherals

3.  RAM-Random Access Memory-short term memory of the computer, helps speed up processes of CPU

4.  Video Card-displays video images on your screen

5.  Hard Drive-Long term memory, non volatile memory-won't be lost in the event of power failure

6.  Optical Drive-allows user to play and burn DVDs and CDs

7.  Peripherals-Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, all things that are plugged into the computer to assist the user use programs

The second assignment that changed my approach to computers was the Data Recovery Plan.  Like any machine, protecting and maintaining your computer is key to optimum use and longevity.

I didn't even know what spyware was, not any more.  This is a great explanation with helpful hints:

This class was a great start and I feel more knowledgeable and prepared to move forward in this program.